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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miss Johnsons Vintage and Handmade Market 2009

The Beautiful Historic Guildford Town Hall is a fine Art Deco hall which suited what we envisaged our Market, the hall is not too big and was a joy for us to decorate. Now that we have done our first we are planning another in July and December 2010 and have lots of ideas on being more creative with our decorating.

This gorgeous little ticket box we decorated with angels and santa's in the christmas theme, we found out to late that the light did not work, we hung bunches of sola fairy lights. This hall has one downfall and because of its age it has a shortage of power points. Maybe before we do the next one the will add some more, especially the foyer. We plan on making our postcards as collectibles and the next one will also be another old vintage page from a photo album so save the ones you got for this market.
Its two weeks since our very first Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market on 30th and 31st November. Very exhausting but oh so rewarding. Half and hour before the doors opened we gathered all the stall holders together and gave the a glass of wine (1 only mind) and chocolates to relax them in readiness for the night of trading, we also took the opportunity of thanking them all for coming on this ride with us, taking the risk on the unknown.

My stall was the first stall in the doorway, I was placed there so I could meet and greet the customers as they came in. Most stepped in the door, stopped, looked around and said "Wow". How heart warming was that for us. Our effort was acknowledged. Throughout the night customers came up to us and said what a wonderful market it was and thanked us for putting it on. Sometimes you just have to follow your instincts and passion, as the quote goes its better to try and fail than to never try. Following was Joannes birdhouse's and garden ornaments.

Joanne got a lot of requests for our lovely little ricketty cabinet with paint falling off it and the vintage shoe lasts also our own collection.
Pam's beautiful lingerie hanging on doors of my dresser. They drifted in the breeze coming through the doors.
Pam's elegant hats.Mmmh I think this lovely hat box was also on Pams table, the wonderful inside covering, a real treasure.Michelle's lovely stall, I am sure it was a part of the wow factor, very romantic. such a cheerful lady. More of Michelle's lovely tables all creamy, silky loveliness.
More of Kim's lovely frothy lingerie. And below her extensive button collection. Doesn't Sharron's lovely soaps look good enough to eat. Del Patton's beautiful birdhouses, I have one on my Christmas wish list.
Karen's beautiful doll that she made and dressed, yes it was for sale, a vintage treasure.
I think these where more of your treasures Karen, your stall certainly attracted a lot of attention. Beautifully handmade, Kiersten's jewellery. Ross had these lovely vintage dolls and china.In the centre of the hall we set up a long table, covered in vintage table cloth, decorated with Feather trees, flowers, candles and a dome with a Christmas church. We did this to enable the customers somewhere to sit and have coffee and something to eat while perusing the stalls all around them. Comments from customers was that they loved that simple touch.
Not sure whose stall this one was, but had lovely items for sale. Up on the stage I think this was Catherine with her lovely vintage wares. Carla's lovely colourful handmade art.Elizabeth was very creative and made a lovely display on the old piano on the stage.And finally Phillipa's (the other Miss Johnson) beautiful stall, what a great backdrop for the hall.

This beautiful vintage dress looked so ethereal with the light coming through the window behind.

Beautiful wedding gowns that Phil got for our market.