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Thank you for visiting my blog, I make many OOAK jewellery pieces using vintage and mixed metals like copper, nickle, brass and steel. I like using rosary beads, MOP pieces, old brooches, medals, lockets and various found objects for whatever I think works best for the particular piece I am working on at the time. You can see me at the Kalamunda markets, held once a month on the first Saturday of each month and various other venues that I will post about. You may email me at quilt@touch88.com.au for any inquiries.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My petite french corner

This is a picture on wood my husband brought for me, forever the Paris fan. Its quite tall and looks lovely and vintage.

" paix, amour et bonheur à tous ceux qui entrent ici" which means peace love and joy to all who enter here. I have it my hallway , my little french corner.

I am a big fan of Edith Piaf, as you may have heard on my blog. My sister Jacky and I visited her grave in Paris, she is buried in this wonderful old cemetary along with a lot of other famous people.


proteamagic said...

what dreams you bring one day perhaps

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis

I remember the two of us going into department store in Paris and seeing those beautiful sayings in French with the feathers. Glad you have got some on your wall as I know you liked them.

Just Me said...

Thank You for your lovely welcome! I just adore the Eiffel Tower Picture!!!

au revoir

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