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Thank you for visiting my blog, I make many OOAK jewellery pieces using vintage and mixed metals like copper, nickle, brass and steel. I like using rosary beads, MOP pieces, old brooches, medals, lockets and various found objects for whatever I think works best for the particular piece I am working on at the time. You can see me at the Kalamunda markets, held once a month on the first Saturday of each month and various other venues that I will post about. You may email me at quilt@touch88.com.au for any inquiries.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Old bird cages.

just a couple of Victorian birdcages I have collected, nice white and chippy. The last one ( the biggest of the three ) I saw many reproduction ones in France, in various sizes as well, it is so disappointing when you find all these repro's and they flood the country with them.


Three Shabby Chicks said...

Hi Phillipea, I hope I spelled that right:) thanks so much for visiting our sight and we would love to add you to our blog. Your birdcages and jewelry are wonderful! We can't get enough of the shabby look. How wonderful to have a friend from down under! Australia is one place I would love to visit. blessings, robin, Niki, & Marlo

Angie said...

I love your bird cages. I saw a shabby white bird cage at a thrift store for $7 yesterday. I was sooo tempted to buy it, but I couldn't think of where I'd put it :(

Angie said...
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Anonymous said...

only for $7? It was nice cage?

Anonymous said...

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